Body Stress: Babies & Children

The effects of body stress in babies & children:

Screaming babies, toddlers with growing pains, and children with restless behaviour or bed wetting may be suffering from body stress. A common sign that a baby has body stress in the neck is constant crying for no apparent reason. When body stress is present in the lower back the baby will cry when the hips are lifted while the nappy is being changed.

The impact on the nervous system may cause constipation and body stress in the diaphragm can result in colic.

Toddlers who refuse to walk and demand to be carried, or who complain of sore legs, (so-called growing pains) are very likely to have body stress in the lower back.

The leg muscles may be affected, causing a tendency of the feet to turn inwards. Bed-wetting may occur if the nerve supply to the bladder is irritated.

At school, a child with tension in the neck may lack concentration and become disruptive. If there is pressure in the lower back, the child may be restless and unable to sit still.

Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to the elderly, whether sick or healthy.

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