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Body Stress Release - Painful lower back and neck. Melanie 41

After complaining endlessly about my sore neck and my sore lower back regardless of what pillow I used, the owner of Granny Goose suggested I should give Jeanette at Body Stress Release a try. Having never heard of Body Stress Release before I was very sceptical but also very desperate to relieve the constant pain that not even physio sessions could fix.  So I gave it a try and all I can say is WOW!  Jeanette is AMAZING.  After 2 sessions I was completely pain free and started having the most beautiful sleeps as a result.

As a social media consultant I am constantly on my phone or tablet and as a result I often have terrible knots in my neck.  Visiting Jeanette once a month for a session completely sorts this out and I can see out the rest of the month pain free.  What a difference Jeanette has made to my life - I don't know when last I have seen my physio as Jeanette sorts out my aches and pains each time.

Body Stress Release - Relaxing & Healing Alison

Jeanette is a wonderful body stress release practitioner. I always looked forward to my appointments with Jeanette, as she was able to help me both at a physical level and somehow at a more spiritual level as well. When she put her hands over my back at the start of a session, I could feel her energy and strength able to help me.

I used to try and get to see her once a month so that she could help keep me more relaxed and calmer. I have a busy and stressful job with the result that I got lots of headaches, and Jeanette was one of the few people to help me with them. I would highly recommend her, and the next time I pass through I will make sure that I have an appointment to see her.

Body Stress Release - Lower Back & Neck Pain Michelle, 43, journalist

After years of trying several other types of treatment for lower back and neck pain (partly related to scoliosis and an old whiplash injury), I have found that BSR has been the most the most effective technique for lasting pain relief and my overall wellness. Thanks to Jeanette's patience, wisdom, gentle touch and intuitive approach to releasing the stress held in my body, the side effects of my desk-bound job have been expertly treated, significantly reducing the frequency of my tension headaches and eradicating the pins and needles in my toes.

She has also treated other issues with great success, from computer-related eye strain and a repetitive strain injury, to sinusitis and even a 'toothache' lasting a few weeks, which my dentist couldn't sort out. It turned out to be related to the nerves in my neck, which Jeanette released, bringing immediate relief. Basically, she's a highly effective (and therefore cost-effective!) one-stop BSR shop! Jeanette, thank you for everything!

Body Stress Release - All Round Professional BSR John and Anne Horne

Jeanette Gibbs has been our BSR Practitioner for the past 5 years. During which period we have found her to be very professional, kind, understanding and gentle. She is a competent BSR practitioner. In short we found her brilliant. We will miss her and our loss is Wilderness’s gain.

Body Stress Release - Gentle Therapy Roselyn Schmidt
I was a client of Jeanette's for about 15 years in Cape Town, and can highly recommend her as a caring, thorough and very knowledgeable BSR practitioner, who always goes the extra mile!!
Body Stress Release - Healing of Back Pain Bruce Hutchison

I made use of Jeanette Gibbs for Body Stress Release for nearly 16 years and continued to use her for all these years for a few reasons:

  1. She assisted me in the healing of a major back pain that I had had for many years before first going to her, and she was always able to sort out any other back related troubles that I had over the years - always in a caring, gentle way.
  2. She took an interest in my life and lifestyle and always provided advice and guidance about how to reduce stress, improve my posture and sit better at my desk. I implemented many of these suggestions which had the effect of reducing the frequency with which I needed BSR but more importantly reducing the frequency of the pain that my poor sitting habits were causing.
  3. I found Jeanette to be very friendly and genuine. It was always easy to make and change appointments, make payments and so forth.

I am really sorry that Jeanette has moved her practise from Cape Town and would highly recommend her to anyone experiencing any back problems from small niggles to major recurring back ache.

Body Stress Release - Lower Back Pain Relief Desiree’ Attwood

My BSR journey started in 2003.  I had put my body through a range of physical challenges from ballet to surfing to jazz funk dancing and finally boot camp!  My lower back would spasm periodically, causing severe pain.  I had numb patches down the outside of my legs and underneath my feet and my neck would seize up at regular intervals.  I was told that I would never be able to dance again, never mind continue with my dance studies or perform on stage.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to Jeanette Gibbs and after she explained how Body Stress works, I decided to give it a try.  Imagine my amazement when after only a few gentle Body Stress Release sessions, my pain and stiffness started to ease!  A few months later I resumed my dance studies and was back on stage!  Body Stress Release gave me back my trust in my body’s own ability to heal itself.  Jeanette is a wonderful Body Stress Release Practitioner

Response by Jeanette Gibbs

Des was so inspired by the BSR technique that she decided to change her career and study BSR so she too can help people find their trust in their body’s ability to heal themselves. This was a huge relief for me as I now had the ideal Practitioner to continue working with clients that had been coming to my BSR practise in Claremont after I relocated my BSR practise to Wilderness in the Garden Route. – Jeanette Gibbs.

Body Stress Release - Chronic Back Pain Relief Bonnie Rodini

Count yourself lucky if you have come across BSR and in particular Jeanette Gibbs. In her capable and caring hands she helped my journey in recovering from chronic back pain and other health issues.

Body Stress Release - Spasms in Lower Back & Shoulders Chris Heiberg

I have suffered from very bad muscle spasm attacks and general pain in my lower back and shoulder areas for the last 10 years.

After trying pretty much everything from Physio to Chiropractors, with little to no results, I was at my wit's end. I did a little research online and discovered BSR as an alternative and decided to give it a go. 

I made an appointment with Jeanette and went for my first session. After three sessions I noticed a huge decrease in my general stiffness and muscle pain and tension relief I had not had in years. I continued to see Jeanette and saw a rapid decline in the number of spasm attacks and pain, to the point where I was almost pain and tension free, it also helped with persistent migraines and sinus issues I've had. 

In October 2017, I suffered from a severe sciatic nerve pinch which left me with terrible pain and numbness in my left leg. After visiting Jeanette for a few sessions, the feeling started to come back and the pain lessened more and more. I am now without any pain and all the feeling has returned to my leg.

Jeanette is always warm and friendly and her experience shows through in the way she approaches the problem. I always felt relaxed and at ease when going for sessions with her, and always left feeling a hundred times better than when I arrived.

I would recommend Jeanette as a BSR practitioner to anyone and everyone as she obviously cares about her clients and really knows what she is doing.

Body Stress Release - Chronic Back & Neck Pain Nikki Schumann
I had been suffering with chronic, debilitating neck pain for months. I had tried all the pain killers and anti inflammatory pills available. The pain was so severe I resorted to sleeping pills to at least get a few hours of sleep. I saw a neurologist who advised a facet block, which had no effect. A friend told me about a B.S.R. practioner, Jeanette Gibbs who had cured her excruciating shoulder pain. She convinced me that I had nothing to lose. I went believing it to be a lot of airy fairy nonsense. Jeanette asked that I commit to 3 sessions. Her complete interest as you as a client was so comforting. There was not immediate relief, but slowly the pain eased until I was painfree! From then on I found I would need the odd "maintenance" session. I would love to share this gentle, effective experience with as many folk as possible.
Body Stress Release - Chronic Back & Neck Problems Unus Ebrahim

Having tried various types of treatments for my chronic back and neck problems, I turned to BSR without knowing too much about it.

After my first session with Jeanette, I believed it to be another waste of time and money. The next morning though, I felt no problems and my body was a lot stronger. Since that day, 15 years ago, I have been a regular client of Jeanette's. Every time I did an injustice to my body, Jeanette was there to help.

In describing Jeanette as a person, Ii could use so many superlatives to describe her. Suffice to say with her relocation to Wilderness, I not only lost my Practitioner but a friend, a confidante, my sounding board.

I have no hesitation in giving Jeanette my highest recommendation as not only do I miss her as a Practitioner but as a friend.

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