Body Stress & The Neck

The causes of body stress in the neck:

The neck may become stressed as a result of jarring or jerking in a fall or whiplash, or by working or reading with the head tilted downwards for long periods of time, or even twisting the neck at unnatural angles.

Another possible cause of neck stress could be exposure to chemicals and toxins, which can result in neck stress, headaches and even nausea. Furthermore, emotional stress such as anger, anxiety and shock may cause a person to hunch their shoulders and tighten their neck muscles.

The effects of body stress in the neck:

Nerves to the arms and face as well as to the internal organs of the chest and abdomen radiate from the neck vertebra, therefore stress in this area can have dramatic effects on the body – sometimes even affecting our sense of sight, smell or hearing.

Neck tension may have far reaching negative effects on the body as a whole, as every spinal nerve arises from nerve tracts that first pass through the cervical (neck) area of the spinal cord.

The effects of body stress in the neck.

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