Mechanical, Emotional & Chemical Stress

Mechanical Stress

Our body's are designed to withstand a certain amount of physical force such as bumps, jerks and falls, but if the mechanical stress goes beyond our body's limit of adaptability, the effects may become stored as “body stress”.

The causes may be sudden and violent, such as a car accident, a severe fall, or lifting a heavy object incorrectly. There may also be a gradual accumulation of milder mechanical stress, as a result of sitting incorrectly, or routinely doing inappropriate exercises.

Poor posture may lead to pain and stiffness in our bodies.

Mental/emotional stress may lead to stored muscle tension.

Emotional Stress

Financial worries, competition in the work-place and disintegrating family relationships can all be factors in emotional/mental stress. We may experience sudden strong emotions at times, such as anger or shock, as well as milder but ongoing forms of mental strain, caused by anxiety, panic attacks, resentment or depression.

We may become aware of the physical effect of emotional stress in the form of tightening of the jaw, neck, shoulders and diaphragm: a defensive posture to armour us against the onslaught of life’s stresses. In addition, the physical discomfort that results from body stress may reinforce negative emotions, thereby creating a vicious circle.

Chemical Stress

Exposure to harmful chemicals may severely irritate the nervous system, causing the neck muscles to tighten. This may result from chemicals that are inhaled, such as car fumes and insecticides; substances may be absorbed through the skin, such as cleaning materials and certain cosmetics.

Some people react adversely to certain foods, preservatives and additives.

Chemical stress may lead to a stiff neck and headaches.

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